Newly released!  Songs of a Sacred Sojourn

We are excited to announce that
"Songs of a Sacred Sojourn," 
Mary Greenhood's premiere album first released in 2001,
is now available to a worldwide audience as a

free digital download through this website only!
It may be also purchased through online stores
(iTunes, CDBaby, Googleplay, and Amazon)! 

Visit our Music page where your can read the lyrics while listening to each song. 
You can also download each individual song for free!  
or you may download the complete album
for whatever price you set (free as well)!

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Immerse yourself in this universally appealing music
and Mary's vocal artistry that shines with a truly unique sound
and a message that is especially relevant for today.  
Impassioned and intense while intimate and soothing vocals
convey parables and profoundly honest prayers 
surrounded by music that is both ethereal and dynamic

 The  lyrics and music of "Songs of a Sacred Sojourn" 
bring hope and healing in a world that is in distress and tumult.

Listeners from all walks of life have already proclaimed
it is a much needed voice on our planet,
and it is Mary's greatest desire that people will hear
and be moved by its tone of reconciliation,
love, and peace with God and man. 

If you are longing for peace and rest
in this world of tumult and strife,
"Songs of a Sacred Sojourn" will transport your spirit
home to that place of safety. 

These songs speak of my own sojourn, and I pray they will shed light for  others on the path.  The title was chosen to reflect the transient nature of this earthly pilgrimage, and for those who seek truth and understanding,  this temporary stay is indeed sacred/set apart.   I am excited to be able to finally share this project which is so close to my heart with people around the globe.  Wherever you are, whatever you are going through, I believe that these songs are for you today. May they be a healing balm for heart, mind and soul.    ”

— Mary

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